Mar 8, 2012

It's the American Idol results with a twist.  Sounds more like the X Factor, where the judges get to decide who goes home.

The media was all over the X Factor trying to steal ideas away from American Idol, but it's been more of the American Idol show taking from the X Factor.

I've posted it all on my X Factor blog.

Jimmy is looking a bit sickly.  It also seems like American Idol set these girls up making them perform Whitney Houston's songs.  They've always shied away from Whitney.  But now that she's dead, well, even American Idol wants to cash in.

Lauren Alaina  is performing!  Wow, does she look different!  I so hoped she would hook up with Scotty!  LOL

American Idol Results!

Jessica is safe!
Elise is in the bottom 3, but safe.
Holly is safe!
Heejun is safe.
Colton is safe.  Wow, ok.
Jermaine is in the bottom 3, but safe! 
Shannon is in the bottom 3, but safe!
Skylar is safe!
Erika is in the bottom 3, but safe.
Phillip is safe, of course.
Deandre is safe!
Joshua is in the bottom 3, but safe!
Jeremy is in the bottom 3, and going home!

Well, that's the results, folks.  Feels like I'm watching the X Factor.  Judges say who's going home, is the biggest fault of the X Factor.

Ok, see you next week here at the American Idol Chit Chat blog!!!

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