Mar 28, 2012

The top 9 American Idol wannabes perform for our pleasure.  Or pain.  Depends on how you look at it.

One of my favorite singers is mentoring tonight.  So much so that I named my youngest daughter after her.  Stevie!  Yes, Stevie Nicks is the mentor and I can't wait!!!

Colton Dixon is up first.  You're All I Want and I still don't see the wow factor with Colton.  They're making things up now.   Randy - your coat is fly, I love it.  I believe you and every song you choose.
Jennifer - so emotional.  Huh?
Steven - is loving this too much.

Skylar Laine up now, singing Gunpowder & Lead!  Love this song!!!  She's absolutely doing it justice!

Randy - tries to make a joke, it bombs.  Loved it.  Remember you're telling a story.  Got all this energy when you come out.  You're a powerhouse singer.
Jennifer - looks like you won over the crowd!
Steven - that was over the top.

Colton, Elise, and Phillip playing tribute to Stevie Nicks!  Performing Landslide, and more of my favorites.  Why do we have this interlude? And why only these 3?  Hmm, smelling a rat here.  The rest of the American Idol wannabes better get their share in the limelight!!!
Heejun Han will sing A Song For You and he's awesome!!!  Serious and getting down to business!!!  Standing O from the judges!

Randy - a couple of notes weren't perfect, but you are here because you deserve it.
Jennifer - what are you doing up there?  You're here because you're not a mistake?  Ok, J'Lo.
Steven - you turned it around!  You keep believing in yourself!

Hollie Cavanaugh performs Jesus, Take The Wheel and Stevie started to cry in rehearsal.  Hate country music, but love this song!!!  Hollie is as good as Carrie Underwood!!!

Randy - I liked it.  I think you did a really good job.
Jennifer - that was one of your best!!!
Steven - it was just ok for me.  Dammit, Steven!!!
Deandre Brackensick is up and he's getting a bad rap. Sometimes I Cry  is what he chose.  I love this guy, but he's getting a bad rap from Jimmy and every other American Idol God.  Just watch.

Randy - happy to see you come back to something!  Deandre is back in the house!!!
Jennifer - people pick up your phone and vote for Deandre!!!  Beautiful!!
Steven - 100% passion!!!  Gave Prince a run for his money!

Jessica Sanchez chose Beautiful Nightmare and she's awesome!!!

Randy - stars are truly born; unbelievably talented.
Jennifer - beautiful!  Left us all wanting more!
Steven - great performance, beautiful dress!  lol

Deandre, Heejun, and Joshua performing a Michael Jackson tribute!!!  Yes!!  Love this!  Love and miss Michael!!!

Phillip Phillips is up and of course Nicki loves him.  It's staged folks.  Don't get me wrong, I love him, but he's not all that.  Singing Looking Out My Window   just not real.

Randy - I love everything.  Ok, randy.
Jennifer - great performance and you're the best.
Steven - there's someone inside of you trying to get out.

Joshua Ledet chose Without You and i feel everyone involved is against him.  He's better than some!

Randy - she would be so proud of you right now.  Dude, I love you and I love your voice.  It was flawless.  It was so emotional!!  Brilliant!!!
Jennifer - give me all you teeth!  You're an absolute angel!  God sent!
Steven - everybody has been pushing themselves beyond your limits and you had an emotional breakdown, which is fabulous!

Wow, Randy, you just threw out the Colton card.  Really?  Can this show get anymore staged?  Grrrr

Skylar, Hollie, and Jessica perform Borderline and others!!  Go, girls!!

Elise Testone with the grand finale with Whole Lotta Love which is another one of my favorite songs!!! Let's hear the judges croon!!!

Randy - I don't know who wants to win, I guess everyone does.
Jennifer - I didn't want to get up but you made me get up.
Steven -  no one can pull that off, but you did.

Well, there's another American Idol episode...  so many favoritism it's unbelievable.  But, that's American Idol for ya!

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