Mar 14, 2012

American Idol producers need to put in some damage control tonight.  Or not.  As we all know, Jermaine Jones was disqualified due to outstanding warrants.

But instead of bringing back another American idol contestant, they keep things status quo.

That's gotta stink for Jeremy, who was recently voted off, and for the next American Idol wannabe kicked out.

Jermaine Jones' spot should have been up for grabs.  But, we'll see how American Idol handles this faux pas.

Ryan is talking about controversy.  With law enforcement, American Idol had no choice in eliminating one of the finalist.

And cue in the judges.  Ryan throws a bone, but we have to wait until later in the show to find out who.  Ok, Ryan.

We are shown some unflattering pictures of the judges, and then Randy calls out Ryan and shows  a not so flattering baby pic of him.  LOL

Phillip Phillips is up first.  Sad story, because when he was born, he wasn't right.  Docs had to remove a good portion of his intestine.

He already made excuses for not doing well tonight.  He's got gallstones.  Suck it up, Phillip!  Lol

He's doing fine singing Hard to Handle

Randy - yo, yo.  Dude, you know by now you sound amazing.  Had to bring up he had the surgery.  Vocals and performance, Randy!
Steven - matched songs that matched your character, but watch your tone.
Jennifer - all over it.

Jessica Sanchez is up next.  No favoritism, please!  Can we please go back to voting on talent?  Ok, Turn The Beat Around is what she'll sing! called her a swaggernaut!  lol

She is amazing!!!!  Showing she can not only sing, but perform!!!

Randy - Echos what the fellow judges have said.
Steven - love your voice, but don't stray too far from your comfort.
Jennifer - it lagged a bit and lost energy.  Really, J'Lo!

Heejun Han is up next.  He'll be singing Right Here Waiting.  Love the humor he brings to the show!!  I love his "breathyness" and honesty he brings to this song.

Randy - dude, for me, I didn't enjoy this at all.  Pitchy.
Steven - stepped so far for this, love your voice anyway.
Jennifer - at the end, it got beautiful for me.

Elise Testone is up now and we hear how her parents didn't really watch her as a child.  Lifeguard scolded her parents..  Wow.  Anyway, she's singing Let's Stay Together.  Now we have to bring the President into it.  Gawd!

She hit that note wrong..  oops, that one too.  She's trying to mimic Mariah.  Not happening.

Randy - America, Elise is back.
Steven - everybody loves your voice.
Jennifer - that was showing America what Elise is to me.

Deandre Brackensick
is up and he's doomed before he even sings.  Just like the rest of the American Idol wannabes not named Phillip!  I love Deandre's voice.

Singing Endless Love.  Maybe the wrong song for him, but I still love his voice.

Randy - definitely was not the right song for you.
Steven - love you as an artist, but this was not the right song for you.
Jennifer - here's the thing.  You can sing anything and you sang this beautifully.

Shannon Magrane is singing One Sweet Day.  Jimmy is doing his best to put doubt in every American Idol wannabe.  Not cool, Jimmy!

Randy - I was terrified.  Plug about him working with Mariah.
Steven - you sing your best when you don't try so hard.
Jennifer - that was not an easy undertaking.  You did a beautiful job.

Colton Dixon
is up next and he shouldn't even be here!  His sister was auditioning, and the American Idol Judges interrupted her and asked her to bring her brother in to audition.  hahahhaha

Singing Broken Heart.  No wow factor, but I'm sure the Idol Judges will like it. 

Randy - song didn't matter cause you sang it dope!
Steven - thought it was the wrong song!  Way to go, Steven!!!!!
Jennifer - Colton is a lover.

Erika VanPelt is up now.   Will and Jimmy are already saying she will go home.  So not cool.  Singing Heaven.  Can't wait to hear the American Idol judges slam her for this.  Wait... it's coming!  lol

Randy - Yo, I kind of liked it.  8 out of 10.
Jennifer - know what Steven is saying.  Arrangement left us in the middle.
Steven - was too busy with it, but still like your voice.

Ryan is now telling us about the Jermaine Jones fiasco.  Nigel is playing the big bad wolf.  Telling Jermaine there are 4 outstanding warrants, but you held the truth back.

Nigel says Jermaine has 4 warrants pending, but the other producer says he has 5 warrants.  Wow!  But why didn't they go to the cops when they obviously knew Jermaine was a felon?

Skylar Laine is up now.  Singing Love Sneakin' Up On You.  Again, she's screaming more than singing, but will wait to see what the American Idol judges think.

Randy  - did good.
Jennifer - killed that song.
Steven - this is our rockin' in house country girl.

Joshua Ledet is the baby of his family.  Mom squelched his singing at the church.  Singing When A Man Loves a Woman. loved it, but Jimmy shook his head.

Randy -  we got some amazing singers, here.  You blew it out of the box!
Jennifer - the best thing I've ever seen on American Idol.  Huh?  lol
Steven -  no words!!  You gave it up so big, God came through your eyes.

Hollie Cavanaugh is up next.  Singing a Celine song.  The Power of Love.  Strained through it, but I'm sure the judges will like it.

Randy - got more swag, but this song, you blew it out the box.
Jennifer - it was beautiful.
Steven - little pitch here and there, but it was beautiful.

Not to take it away from any of the American Idol contestants, but this night was so biased.

Reminds me when the American Idol judges pushed for Casey Abrahms.  America knew better.

I'm pretty sure we can pick the right person for that American Idol crown!  What's your take on all of this?  Leave me a comment and vote in the poll!

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  1. I can't beleive HoJun is still there. My god Erica was so much better. This kid is a showboat with a little talent,and yet he goes on. It proves to me the show is not what it's cracked up to be,should be judged on talent not teeny boppers raising their parents phone bills to vote for a loser.

  2. Agree Anonymous!! The show has declined, that's for sure. But I'm committed to American Idol ever since my youngest daughter made me sit with her during a show.

    I guess this blog will come to a close soon, and that's make me sad. :(




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