Mar 14, 2012

LOS ANGELES, CA - MARCH 01:  Singer Jermaine J...Image by Getty Images via @daylife
I’m sure by now you’ve heard that American Idol contestant, Jermaine Jones, lied about his father.

Jones claimed he hasn’t heard from his father and that he’s not been a very good dad in his life.

Well, that’s false. reported that not only did Jermaine have dinner with his father, but dad was also in the audience last week showing his support.

If that doesn’t irk you just a little, is now reporting that this American Idol contestant is no idol.

In fact, Jermaine Jones was charged in 2011 on not one crime, but 2!  One of those involved violence.  Jones gave cops a fake name both times and he has outstanding warrants!!!

The American Idol producers got wind of this and will confront Jermaine Tuesday, on camera.  They will air this confrontation on Wednesday!

I always thought the American Idol producers did extensive background checks on these American Idol contestants.  I guess not!

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