Jul 24, 2011

TMZ is reporting that the former American Idol Bucky Covington, along with his twin brother and sister-in-law, stole $1,500.

You remember Bucky Covington from American Idol season 5, right?  Long haired, very talented country singer.

Anyway, Bucky Covington was set to perform at the Iron Horse Saloon in Florida on June 30th.

This story sounds like a bad crime movie.  It's alleged that Bucky Covington instructed his twin brother and his sister-in-law to grab a cash box at the event.

Supposedly, this former American Idol wannabe saw an opportunity for the theft because the promoter of the event had chest pains and was wisked away to the hospital.

I try to not live life with blinders on, but I just can't see Bucky Covington involved in this.

After American Idol, Bucky put out hit after hit.  He's a successful former American Idol wannabe, unlike other former American Idol contestants like Taylor Hicks and Jessica Sierra.

With that said, the story of Bucky Covington is real and you can read the affidavit that TMZ posted.

What do you think?  Did former American Idol Bucky Covington turn thief?

UPDATE:  Bucky Covington has been cleared of all charges.  The Florida Attorney General's Office said there wasn't enough evidence to make a successful case against him.
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