May 14, 2011

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American Idol has been around for a long time, and so has rumors that American Idol is rigged.  Has Ryan Seacrest been hinting that American Idol is rigged?

Since American Idol contestant James Durbin was sent home this week, I've been reading a lot of comments about his exit.

Most of the comments are not only of shock, but pure outrage as well.

I've found some interesting comments over at the

Anonymous | Fri, 2011-05-13 12:15

American Idol franchise has a disaster on its hands. Lots of upset people are not going to be watching the show and have very negative impression

Anonymous | Fri, 2011-05-13 12:23

I could not agree more. And if they do not want you to think the show is fixed, they should tell Ryan to watch what he is saying. I knew Wednesday night that James was going to be eliminated. Before Pia got kicked off, Ryan said something about making sure you watch the surprising results show. Then, on Wednesday night, he makes the comment about "remember, this was the week Daughtry got voted off". Even though voting had not started, I knew James was going. I loved him and cannot wait for his first album. JAMES, YOU ROCK!

There's over 1,050 comments at last check, and most of them are not good for American Idol.

But I don't think they really care.  Nigel called some of the American Idol fans morons for thinking American Idol is rigged.

With The Voice now as an option, and the upcoming USA version of the X Factor, American Idol producers should really care more about the fans.

The entire voting structure needs to change.  I've read comments from people who voted for Haley just because the American Idol Judges were "harsh" to her.  The judges haven't been harsh all season!  Still others are members of where they choose the worst American Idol contestant of the bunch and vote for him/her.  Haley is their current choice. claims they can monitor the phone lines to see which American Idol is receiving the most activity each week.  This week Haley was dead last.

Whether American Idol is rigged or not we will probably never know.  But I do know American Idol has lost a lot of viewers.

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  1. Yeah, I have no idea if it is rigged or not. I'm sure votefortheworst is definitely behind it though. And yes, they have lost a lot of viewers though. Not me though I've been a viewer since season 2 and always will be!!

  2. Of course its rigged it's reality tv!!!

  3. It definitely is rigged. What do they think: "we're stupid"?




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