May 18, 2011

American Idol is down to the wire.  Only 1 week left before the big finale!

Scotty, Lauren, and Haley will each sing 3 songs tonight.  I will always love American Idol, but I'm still not happy we lost James Durbin last week.

I also heard the American Idol Gods turned Chris Medina down when he asked for 1 ticket to the finale.  Chris, who brought one of the most touching moments to American Idol, asked for 1 ticket and didn't get it.  Ridiculous.

We have Beyonce mentoring the 3 American Idol wannabes this week.

Scotty chose his favorite song, Amazed by Lonestar.  And of course he nails it!!!! 

Randy - great song choice! 
Jennifer - have grown so much as a performer!
Steven -  just keeps getting better and better!

Lauren chose a Faith Hill song, Wild One and I love her personality!  Look at those cool earrings!  lol

Randy - nice song choice; had a great connection with it.
Jennifer - attack it like that every time; very good!
Steven - singing like you owned the song!

Haley chose What Is and What Should Never Be and she asked her daddy to come up and play, too.  She fell.

Randy - this is what it's all about.  Fearless.
Jennifer - she knows what she's doing up there.
Steven - no idea what he said, my granddaughter is crying.  lol

Jimmy Levine chose for the American Idol wannabes:

Scotty will perform Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not. This is a great song for him!!!  Good job, Jimmy!

Randy - great chorus; perfect in his range; Garth level!!!
Jennifer - he was in the zone!  Comfortable!
Steven - beautiful!!!  That was great!

Lauren will sing If I Die Young.  This girl can sing anything, I swear! 

Randy - agrees with J'Lo; beautiful tone.  Great song choice.
Jennifer -  you have the most beautiful tone.  Got caught up in the song.
Steven - beautiful voice; nailed it again.

Haley will be singing Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac.  I love this song.

Randy - did a good job with the song.
Jennifer - beautiful moment; pretty.
Steven - sang that song beautifully.

Beyonce premiere's her Run The World video!  Sort of freaky, but I like it!!!

The American Idol Judges chose:

Scotty will sing She Believes In Me!  One of Kenny Rodgers classic!  I just love this boy's voice!

Randy - very nicely done!  Perfect song choice!
Jennifer - hit that big chorus!
Steven - put it over the top for him just now.

Lauren will perform I Hope You Dance and she just looks like she's having so much fun.  I love this girl.  Her voice is perfect.

Randy - you slayed that song!!!
Jennifer - cannot buy those standing ovations!!!  Gave me goosies!
Steven - owned the Grand Ole Opry!  Sang it perfectly!

Haley is singing You Oughta Know and she's starting out very weak.  Forgot the words and just mumbled through that one.

Randy - amazing choruses!  Problems with the rhythms.
Jennifer - really good job on the chorus.
Steven - amazing, perfect.

Only 2 will make it to the American Idol finale.  Which 2?  I'm still hoping for a Scotty and Lauren finale!

Don't forget, American Idol will be on Tuesday and Wednesday next week!!!

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