May 13, 2011

Before we begin the American Idol results blogging, I would like to say something about Haley.  I see a lot of people upset with the Idol judges, Jennifer and Randy.

If people would step back they'll realize that their critique was dead on.

Haley's first song was not her style and it showed in her performance.  She was straining and screaming.  Haley also needs to take a step back and take what the American Idol judges are telling her and act accordingly.

It's going to be a packed American Idol results show!!!

Lady Gaga, Jordin Sparks, Enrique, Steven Tyler's new video...  holy smokes!!!

Scotty and James are up first singing Start A Band and I think James looks very uncomfortable.  hahhaha  Or he might be forgetting the words.  lol

Lauren and Haley are next with Gun Powder and Lead and they're pretty good together!

Lady Gaga forgot her clothes!!!  hahahhaha  She's singing something about New York. lol

Enrique is up singing Dirty Dancer.  Usher and Lil Wayne appeared in the screen behind him I think.  lol

Jordin Sparks performs/debuts her new song I Am Woman.  You go girl!  Love this song!  Lots of fun energy!

Steven Tyler's brand new video, It Feels So Good.  This is a great song, but it's sort of weird not seeing the band!

American Idol Results!

Lauren Alaina is in the top 3!!!
Haley is in the top 3!!!
Scotty is in the top 3!!!

Well, we say goodbye to James Durbin.  I think this is crap.  He out sang and out performed Haley last night.  If I didn't think American Idol is rigged before, I surely do now.

And because of this, I know a few people who will never watch American Idol again.

Sorry for the late post, but Blogger has been down for quite awhile.  So I took the time to read comments about James' elimination, and there are many who think something is fishy.

Haley had behind her, because they feel she is the worst of the bunch.  Maybe that's why she was put through.

I would rather think that, than feeling the American Idol producers skewed the results.
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  1. Yeah, it was probably the people who visit that got her through. I mean, just look at what happened to Sanjaya. I totally agree with you about it being crap that he left. I haven't been this outraged about the results for a few years now. And like I said in my post about the results, in my book, this is worse than when Pia left.

  2. I haven't been this shocked and upset since Chris Daughtry got eliminated. And I'm more upset that James left before Haley.

    I've talked to a few people and because of this, they're going to watch The Voice instead of American Idol.




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