Mar 16, 2011

American Idol is actually live tonight!  Whoo Hoo!  The top 12 American Idol wannabes will be performing songs from their birth year.

We're not privy to any insider information because the American Idol Gods have banned anyone from watching the rehearsals.  No matter, we want to be surprised anyway, right?  :)

We start American Idol with warm wishes to the people of Japan and the crises they are facing.  At the end of the show, you can purchase the music with a portion of the proceeds going to the Japan relief effort.

Naima Adedapo starts the show singing What's Love Got To Do With It and I'm sorry, she's awful.  Started out off key, now she's screaming it.  No likey.

Steven said he thought it was beautiful????
J'Lo says she's consistently pitchy.  Great honesty Jennifer!!!
Randy agrees with Jennifer.  Good!!!!

Paul McDonald performs I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues and I absolutely love his unique voice.  He's doing pretty good with being hoarse.

J'Lo says it sounded good although she knew he was struggling.
Randy isn't going to give him a pass cause he has a cold; he was pitchy.  He likes how Paul puts his own spin on it.
Steven agrees he goes off on the notes.  Why he couldn't see/hear that with Naima is beyond me.

Thia Megia chose Colors Of The Wind and I just love her voice.  And she's so darn pretty!  lol  Excellent job!

Randy is a doggy downer.  Vocals were ok, but he has a problem.  He was bored at some pageant somewhere.  Huh?
Steven says she sang it beautiful, but he asks if that who she thinks she is.  Huh, again?
J'Lo says she's too safe.  Wow, they praise Naima and give this girl crap?

James Durbin is rockin' out with I'll Be There For You!  He's got such a cool rocker voice.  Luv James!  Well, I thought it was great.  Let's see where the American Idol judges heads are.

Steven is more interested in the dolls he played with.  Don't get too poppy?  Huh?
J'Lo loved it and she was singing along.
Randy thought there was a couple of pitch spots, but he made it his own.  Tastefully done.

Haley Reinhart tries her hand at I'm Your Baby Tonight and there haven't been many who could pull off a Whitney song.  She starts off weak and very nasally.  The chorus is a little better.  Let's see what the Judges say.

J'Lo says she looks great.  Amazing voice but she's still too tense.
Randy has to wait for Ryan to fix her makeup.  He's confused.  Of course.  He's not sure who she is cause she's all over the map with different artists.
Steven wants to hear more blues; Janice Joplin kind of blues.

Stefano Langone is now known for his criminal record thanks to the Internet.  Gotta have that gossip.  He brings If You Don't Know Me By Now and he's got such a smooth voice.  What I like about him, is he really feels the song.

Randy says the best performance of the night!
Steven says over the top!
J'Lo says it's the perfect song choice and he could win if he keeps bringing it.

Pia Toscano has gotten a free ride so far.  I don't see anything special, but will wait for judgment.  She is performing Where Do Broken Hearts Go. Watch, usually the American Idol judges have nothing but bad news for the Idol wannabes trying to do a Whitney song.  They'll love it because it's Pia.

Steven says over the top.  You nailed it.
J'Lo loves the up tempo.  Perfect for her.
Randy of course loves it; she's in it to win it.  Where the hell is the "making it your own" speeches?

Scotty McCreery is singing Can I Trust You With My Heart and although he played it safe, he has an excellent voice.

J'Lo says he pushed it out there; whatever that means.  lol
Randy says he did Travis proud.  Love seeing him take chances.
Steven says he'll go places.

Karen Rodriguez chose Love Will Lead You Back and it's not bad, but her outfit is killing me.  lol

Randy said it started rough, but better than last week.
Steven loves it when she breaks into her ethnic whatisnis?
J'Lo is chearleading.  Ok J'Lo.

Casey Abrams is trying a Nirvana song.  Smells Like Teen Spirit and all he's doing is screaming!

Steven says he's so good.  Okay.
J'Lo is honest saying it was a bit screechy.  Agree!
Randy is impressed that he took a risk.  OMG!  Not the best performance, but it was fearless!

Lauren Alaina has the flu but she's a trouper.  She's going to perform I'm The Only One and I really hope she can pull this off.  She looks so sick.  The show must go on and she is doing a great job!  Can't wait for the judges to rip her apart.

J'Lo says very nice. 
Randy also says it was very nice.  Liked it.
Steven says she sang amazing with having the flu.

Jacob Lusk ends the American Idol live performances with Alone and I love Heart, so we'll see.  Almost sounded like he messed up on the words.  He is so passionate when he sings, but he has to be careful about the screaming.

Randy says very, very nice performance.
Steven says gospel had a baby and they named it Jacob Lusk.
J'Lo is feeding him something or other.  So good I think was the outcome.

Well, I wish there was a bit more honesty from the American Idol judges.  There's a thing called keeping up the American Idol wannabes spirit, but there's also something called false hope and constructive critisism.  These are the times I miss Simon Cowell.  At least he was honest.

Thank goodness it is now up to America to vote for these kids.  So, which American Idol wannabe would you vote off if you could?

See you tomorrow night for the American Idol results show!


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