Feb 17, 2010

American Idol begins asking us to “imagine”… ok, I can imagine leaving my job and family to pursue my dreams. So? These American Idol wannabes want stardom; well, it comes with a price. The Idol wannabes are split into 3 rooms. Really? Can’t they come up with something else? Can you imagine sitting in the room, looking around, and saying, damn, these guys suck, I’m doomed! Lol Is the band trying to sabotage certain people? They’ve screwed up twice now. Rooms 1 and 3 made it while room 2 goes home. Is your favorite staying? Thank goodness Mary what’s her name was behind door number 2. Annoying! 46 American Idol seekers will now be pared down to 24. Michael Lynche, the new daddy, is up before the American Idol judges. He made it!!! *Yawn* I missed most of the winners, but Jessica really irked me. Excuse after excuse… Whatever. Anyway, who made the top 24? I obviously blanked out. Is American Idol getting stale? Has it finally run its course? Are all the Idol wannabes starting to look alike? This American Idol fanatic is starting to wonder.
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