Jul 30, 2009

American Idol has just been going downhill, hasn’t it? I mean they try to make it fresh, but for the past few years, American Idol producers have made one bad decision after another. Nigel obviously saw this and moved on, Simon more than likely tried but asked for an absorbent amount of money, got it and stayed. But for them to bring in a Simon wannabe like Kara and keep her is beyond stupidity. Paula Abdul may want to move on as well and all this money negotiation crap is just drama from the American Idol producers. I sure don’t want to listen to American Idol judge Kara whatshersimonwannabename but I still love American Idol, so I guess I have to. But, Kara you’re beyond annoying! Simon does money over rule your good judgment? Randy where are you? Paula if this is what you want, say so! American Idol, we loved you once!


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