May 13, 2009

American Idol top 3 performed last night and it was quite shocking. Danny Gokey - Paula Abdul chose “Dance Little Sister” for him and it was amazing. Danny’s 2nd song, “You Are So Beautiful” was a vocal master class according to Simon! Kris Allen - Randy and Kara chose “Apologize” for him and Simon chastised the other Idol judges for criticizing the song they chose for him! Kris chose “Heartless” for his 2nd song and it was outstanding! Randy Jackson said he liked Kris’ version better than the original! Adam Lambert - American Idol judge Simon Cowell chose “One” for him, which split the judges. Randy didn’t love it, because Adam went too far off the melody. Adam chose “Crying” for his 2nd song and I was looking forward to it. The American Idol judges drooled all over him, but it was a mess. The screaming went too far, he was off in parts, and it just wasn’t a good performance. American Idols Kris Allen and Danny Gokey clearly out sang and outperformed Adam Lambert and the judges knew it, too. Simon Cowell’s desperate request to vote and not assume Adam safe was obvious. Adam assumes he is safe; it shows in his performances and his attitude. Based on last night’s performances, American Idol’s Kris Allen and Danny Gokey should end in the finals with Kris Allen crowned the winner. Wouldn’t that be an American Idol upset?
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