May 19, 2009

American Idol finale is underway! Kris Allen won the coin toss and chose to go 2nd. Each Idol will sing 3 songs, one chosen by Simon Fuller, one they chose and one Kara chose and co-wrote. Adam Lambert starts with Mad World. Randy – loved everything; gave him an A+ Kara – happy he chose that song Paula – proud of him Simon – little bit over-theatrical. ya think? Kris Allen sang Ain’t No Sunshine. Randy – one of his best performances! Kara – has a way of creating an intimate bond with everyone in the audience Paula – a great artist Simon – wasn’t sure last week, but he absolutely takes all that back; he loved it! Simon Cowell called Kris the winner of round 1! Simon Fuller chose Change Is Going To Come for Adam Lambert. Randy – he likes everything Kara – using both sides of himself? Paula – is nuts, that’s the best she’s ever heard from him? Simon – 100% back in the game Simon Fuller chose What’s Going On for Kris Allen. Randy – real live dual competition; little bit light for this room. Kara – been true to himself since day 1. Paula - tore that song up and made Marvin Gaye proud. Simon – 3 friends in their bedroom strumming along to Marvin Gaye. Simon Cowell called Adam Lambert winner of round 2! Both Idols will be singing No Boundaries co-written by American Idol judge Kara. Of course it sounds like a Broadway song. Adam Lambert is up first and it sounds like Broadway. Randy – dude can sing anything, but that was not one of his favorite performances. Kara – she’s moved. Paula – adjectives can’t express what you brought to season 8. Simon – most original contestants on the show. Kris Allen sings the same song and he knocked it out of the park! Randy – should be very proud; song fits his voice better than Adam. Kara – don’t want to be judged on that song because it was too high. Paula – did an amazing job. Simon – 1st song was his highlight. Thoroughly deserves to be standing on the stage. American Idol has about come to an end. Who will win?
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