Apr 29, 2009

American Idol results were a bit encouraging when Adam landed in the bottom 3. But, that didn't last long because Matt was there, too. Remember, American Idol is a popularity contest, not a singing contest. The most shocking part of the show was when American Idol winner Taylor Hicks performed. He is skinny as a rail... or more disturbing... he looks like he has a disease. Ryan Seacrest even mentioned it and Taylor said it was the touring and such. I'm not sure because I've never toured, but I don't think anyone touring looks sickly. Losing weight maybe, but not sickly. It was about time Adam Lambert landed in the bottom, but I was upset that Matt was sent home. I guess it doesn't matter who you like... Whoever is going to win, is going to win. Pictured is the American Idol winner Taylor Hicks when healthy, I wish I could have gotten a snapshot of him tonight during his performance... it's like night and day.
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  1. Are you fer real. This is not a credible site if you think adam deserves bottom 3 over matt. He is fabulous and is way more of a performer than anyone. Danny has a nice voice but he does nothing for me. seriously now rethink your blog because it is completely wrong. there is a reason adam has never been in the bottom 3 and thats because hes so great. thanks for your real musical insight...not

  2. Thank you for your comment, Lauren. I tried to return the visit, but your profile is set to private.
    If you re-read my post, I didn't say I thought Adam deserved the bottom three over Matt. But I do stand by my statement that it's more of a popularity contest than a singing contest.
    Or is it your opinion that Taylor Hicks can out sing Chris Daughtry?




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