Aug 8, 2008

Brooke White auditioned in Philadelphia for American Idol singing “Like a Star.” Throughout American Idol season 7, Brooke made mistake after mistake, but made it to the top 5. The worst Brooke White moment for me was during the Andrew Lloyd Webber week. Lord Andrew said she didn’t have a clue what she was singing. After he explained the song to Brooke, he was very pleased; probably up until she actually performed it and screwed up. Brooke White wasn’t my favorite American Idol contestant, but she obviously has many fans.

Brooke White Doing More Than Touring!

Brooke White is on the American Idols Tour now, but that’s not all she is doing. Brooke has released “Songs from the Attic”, her debut album from 2006. Bonus tracks include “Dream On” by Aerosmith and “Yellow” by Coldplay. Listen to samples of "Songs From The Attic." Congrats Brooke White!


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