Jul 12, 2008

Do you remember Kellie Pickler? She is the adorable “ditzy-blonde” from American Idol season 5. Kellie Pickler is best known for her bubbly personality and very funny remarks. Many people find Kellie’s “dumb blonde routine” a stupid act, but I find her hilarious and entertaining. I love Kellie Pickler! and now…

Kellie Pickler Is Dancing With The Stars!

Kellie Pickler told OK! Magazine she is considering Dancing with the Stars and I for one hope it happens! Whether Kellie can dance or not, her personality would literally steal the show! She would definitely be an asset to Dancing with the Stars! Enjoy Kellie Pickler (below) on Ellen’s show courtesy of charlie60652 and here of Kellie Pickler on the CMT Award show where she received a standing ovation after her tearjerker performance.


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