May 25, 2008

David Archuleta on American Idol
David Archuleta lost the title of American Idol to David Cook, but everyone agrees that David Archuleta has a promising career; everyone except maybe David.

David Archuleta gave his exit interview a couple of days after losing the American Idol title to David Cook.

Is David Archuleta Sniffing New Career?

David tells reporters that he isn’t sure he can make a living off music for the rest of his life, so he is going to continue to put school first.

David Archuleta is considering the Ear-Nose-Throat “doctor thing” as he calls it. From the musical to the medical profession, that is quite a jump.

Maybe “David” Archuleta didn’t want a musical career as bad after all. Good luck David in whatever you do! Read the entire David Archuleta interview at Zap2 it.


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